DAY 1 - DEC 6, 2016

10:00 - 10:50 am

Comparing Tech Landscapes

Africa is a continent of over 1 billion people who live and work across a landmass larger than China, India, the USA, and much of Europe, combined. Within its 54 countries span an innumerable diversity of languages, customs, and economic systems, and it’s no surprise that the technology ecosystems in different regions have developed unique characteristics.

The Comparing Tech Landscapes panel at ATS will feature investors, corporates, and founders as they trade notes on their experiences operating and investing all over the continent. Come join representatives from Google, Uber, Andela, I-DEV, Brave Venture Labs in conversations on topic such as:

  • Which are the most underhyped markets on the continent? Which countries should we be talking about more often?
  • Both Andela and Uber have a presence in East and West Africa - what are the biggest differences in the consumer response in those markets?
  • Who’re the major players in Francophone Africa’s technology ecosystem?
  • What are some strategies for managing pan-African teams?
  • How does internet penetration and consumer education differ across Africa?
  • While talent acquisition is a challenge everywhere, are there certain regions where it’s easier or harder to acquire world-class talent?
  • Why has mobile money adoption been relatively swift in Eastern Africa compared to elsewhere on the continent?
  • Why does Nigeria appear to be a hotbed of innovation when it comes to fintech?


Peace Hyde

West Africa Correspondent for Forbes Africa/Forbes Woman Africa

Jason Spindler

Managing Partner,

Ebi Atawodi

General Manager West Africa, Uber

Ibanga Umanah

Co-founder, Head of Strategy & Product, Brave Venture Labs

Parminder Vir

CEO, Tony Elumelu Foundation

Obi Ejimofo

COO, Asoko Insight

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