DAY 1 - DEC 6, 2016

10:50 - 11:40 am

Building the Infrastructure to Support Africa's Ambitions

Before Africa’s potential as a technology powerhouse can be realized, we’ll need to address the thorny issue of affordable internet access. The internet, and the devices needed to access it, is still extremely expensive for millions all over the continent. From Google’s to Facebook’s controversial Free Basics initiative, there’re multiple programs running in parallel, racing each other towards the goal of connecting Africa to the world.

We’re thrilled to host in conversation some of the major players doing the hard work of building the physical and technical infrastructure carrying the weight of Africa’s technology ambitions.

  • What does the current landscape of internet infrastructure players in Africa look like? Who’re the major players in various regions?
  • Information compiled by Research ICT Africa reveals that Tanzanians pay the cheapest mobile phone data rates in Africa (1 GB of data costs USD 0.89) while the people of South Sudan pay the highest rates (1 GB of data costs USD 90.89). What accounts for the wide difference in the price of internet access?
  • 2016 saw the rise of African governments limiting access to the internet during politically volatile moments. How do infrastructure owners handle government requests of that sort?
  • What are the most promising projects currently taking place around the continent that have a good shot at improving internet access?
  • One tool in the campaign towards greater internet access - zero rating - has been fiercely criticized for stifling competition. Do infrastructure owners have an opinion on the debate?


Obi Ejimofo

COO, Asoko Insight

Oluseye Soyode-Johnson

Lead Partner, The African Technology Foundation

Kamar Abass

CEO, inTel

Funke Opeke

Founder, MainOne

Inderpal Singh Mumick

Chairman & CEO, Kirusa

Suleiman Arzika

COO, Suburban West Africa

Omobola Johnson

Chairperson, Global Alliance for Affordable Internet

Dapo Apara

CEO, AlphaBeta Consulting

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