DAY 1 - DEC 6, 2016

01:10 - 02:00 pm

Leaders In Fintech

2016 has been dubbed the year of FinTech in Africa, and for good reason. Every month brings yet another exciting development, from PayStack and Flutterwave’s admission to Y Combinator, to Interswitch’s API Jam co-hosted by CC-Hub.

Come join some of the most knowledgeable fintech operators in Africa on the Leader in FinTech panel as they discuss issues such as:

  • What’s the best way to manage regulatory risk in such as highly regulated space as financial services?
  • What are some underappreciated challenges of running a fintech company in Africa?
  • How will the relationship between banks and telcos in Africa continue to evolve over time?
  • What is the ideal role of government in supporting the emergence of a cashless society?
  • How’re African fintech companies approaching the problem of customer education?


Matt Flannery

Founder, Kiva; CEO, Branch

Iyin Aboyeji

Co-founder & MD, Flutterwave

Kojo Dougan

Director, Interpay Africa

Tayo Oviosu

CEO, Paga

Dare Okoudjou

CEO, MFS Africa

Babafemi Ogungbamila

CIO, Interswitch

Nyasinga Onyancha

CEO, SimbaPay

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