DAY 1 - DEC 6, 2016

03:00 - 04:00 pm

Developments in Agritech

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As one of the biggest employers in many African countries, improvements within agriculture have the potential to lift millions out of poverty and feed millions more. Come hear from the operators and investors at the frontline of the new Green Revolution.

  • Much of the conversation about improving agriculture usually revolves around the farmer, but there‚Äôre lots of other stakeholders involved in the agriculture value chain. What are the issues facing the other parts of the value chain in agriculture that technology is uniquely able to solve?
  • What role can large agriprocessors such as Cargill play within the agritech ecosystem?
  • While agriculture remains a major employer, the reality across many African countries is that the average farmer is getting older. How best can various players encourage the youth to take a second look at the opportunities in agritech and agriculture?
  • Traditional tech founders and investors tend to stick with pure technology plays, which they understand well, instead of venturing into more daunting areas like agritech. Likewise, the agriculture community might not know of simple efficiency-boosting tools developed by internet technologists. How can we bridge the gap between these two communities?


Daryn Wober

CEO, Ventra Media Group

Angel Adelaja

CEO, Fresh Direct

Nasir Yammama

CEO, Verdant Agric

Alloysius Attah

CEO, Farmerline

Dr. Ifeanyi M. Nsofor

CEO, EpiAfric

Matija Zulj

CEO & Founder, Agrivi

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